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Hobbiton "Lord of the Rings" Hobbit Country Middle Earth New Zealand

Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie was released, New Zealand has been known as the "Home of Middle-earth".

Now, the country is set to reprise its leading role in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The landscapes of Middle-earth are no fantasy. Movie lovers world-wide can see Middle Earth firsthand here in New Zealand, and experience all the exciting and fun experiences the country has to offer. A decade after the release of Lord of the Rings, fans continue to travel to New Zealand to experience the mountains, lakes, rivers and plains that formed the magical landscape of Middle Earth in the Tolkien films. Now it’s your turn.


    On your way to see The Hobbiton film location in Matamata stay with us at ASURE Camelot Arms Motor Lodge. Rest up, relax and take in some of our local sights: Butterfly Creek, home to the crocodiles and the tropical butterfly house. Rainbow's End Amusement Park, situated 3mins drive from motel - great fun for the whole family. Auckland Botanical Gardens, 5mins south - beautifully set out gardens and lakes. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy a coffee break at the onsite café. Check out Big Little City for the latest happenings in Central Auckland.
  • WAIKATO Tours
    Visit Hobbiton where the set of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Movies were filmed. Tours to the Hobbit Movie Set pick up from the ASURE Barclay Motel and drop back at the Motel. Mangakara Nature Walk on Mount Pirongia. This is a fantastic piece of local bush to showcase decent NZ native forest to people. The loop track takes between 1-1.5 hours (depending on whether you walk or dawdle), and there are signs along the path pointing out and describing the native wildlife, and their significance to the Maori and the forest. The walk is mostly flat, and is board walked in places. People may associate this sort of forest to that in the Lord of the Rings film.
  • TAURANGA Tours
    Come visit and stay in Tauranga, it is just 50km or 45 minute drive to the little town of Matamata which is the gateway to the legendary Hobbiton Village. The centre of activity for all Middle Earth enthusiasts, Hobbiton where many of the films village scenes were filmed, is a short 15km drive from Matamata. After visiting Hobbiton the vibrant Bay of Plenty and popular city of Tauranga makes a great launch point to experience the many other activities in the Bay of Plenty, such as our beautiful beaches, swimming with dolphins, driving a blokart, do stand-up-paddleboarding, visit a winery and the multitude of restaurants for all palettes and tastes.
  • ROTORUA Tour
    Experience the real Middle-earth with a visit to the Hobbiton Movie Set. Hobbit holes, The Green Dragon Inn, The Mill and other structures can be viewed and you will see how this beautiful piece of farmland was transformed into The Shire from Middle-earth. ASURE Palm Court Motor Inn (located in Rotorua) is only a 1 hour drive away from Hobbiton, so enjoy your stay with us either before, during or after site seeing and exploring the many attractions and restaurants that Rotorua has on offer.
  • HAWKE’S BAY Tour
    While Hawke’s Bay does not directly feature in the Hobbit movies, we do have some stunning scenery, landscapes and architecture plus plenty of world class wines - you can’t look inside Hobbit holes everyday! Hawke’s Bay, is positioned perfectly for visitors travelling south from Hobbiton in Waikato, along the Thermal Explorer Highway and on to Wellington (Weta Studios) via the http://www.wellingtonnz.com/classic-new-zealand-wine-trail/Classic New Zealand Wine Trail. Stay at ASURE Colonial Lodge Motel in Napier whilst travelling through the Hawke's Bay on your New Zealand tour.
    New Zealand’s Marlborough region has long been known for the breathtaking beauty of the Marlborough Sounds and its world class Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy the wine and food, visiting local gardens and artists’ studios or experience the world class Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre where World War One aircraft are brought to life - Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre has a connection to Peter Jackson, Wingnut Films and Weta Workshops - visit www.omaka.org.nz.
    The Hobbit movies have been filmed up the lake from Queenstown in Glenorchy. The mysterious mountains and native bush hide the Hobbits, come and join us in a quest to look for these magnificent stories and bring them to life. Assure your warm stay with welcoming hospitality at ASURE Queenstown Gateway Apartments or ASURE Caples Court Motel & Apartments. Get picked up from our doorstep with friends from Nomad Safaris Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Location Tours. 4WD Safaris and Helicopter-hikes to actual filming locations!

Hobbit History (Fictional)

Historically, the Hobbits are known to have originated in the Valley of Anduin, between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. According to The Lord of the Rings, they have lost the genealogical details of how they are related to the Big People. At this time, there were three "breeds" of Hobbits, with different physical characteristics and temperaments: Harfoots, Stoors and Fallohides. While situated in the valley of the Anduin River, the Hobbits lived close by the Éothéod, the ancestors of the Rohirrim, and this led to some contact between the two. As a result many old words and names in "Hobbitish" are derivatives of words in Rohirric.

The Harfoots, the most numerous, were almost identical to the Hobbits as they are described in The Hobbit. They lived on the lowest slopes of the Misty Mountains and lived in holes, or Smials, dug into the hillsides.

The Stoors, the second most numerous, were shorter and stockier and had an affinity for water, boats and swimming. They lived on the marshy Gladden Fields where the Gladden River met the Anduin (there is a similarity here to the hobbits of Buckland and the Marish in the Shire. It is possible that those hobbits were the descendants of Stoors). It was from these Hobbits that Déagol and Sméagol/Gollum were descended.

The Fallohides, the least numerous, were an adventurous people that preferred to live in the woods under the Misty Mountains and were said to be taller and fairer (all of these traits were much rarer in later days, and it has been implied that wealthy, eccentric families that tended to lead other hobbits politically, like the Tooks and Brandybucks, were of Fallohide descent). Three of the four principal hobbit characters in The Lord of the Rings (Frodo, Pippin and Merry) certainly had Fallohide blood through their common ancestor, the Old Took.

About the year T.A. 1050, they undertook the arduous task of crossing the Misty Mountains. Reasons for this trek are unknown, but they possibly had to do with Sauron's growing power in nearby Greenwood, which later became known as Mirkwood as a result of the shadow that fell upon it during Sauron's search of the forest for the One Ring. The Hobbits took different routes in their journey westward, but as they began to settle together in Bree-land, Dunland, and the Angle formed by the rivers Mitheithel and Bruinen, the divisions between the Hobbit-kinds began to blur.

In the year 1601 of the Third Age (year 1 in the Shire Reckoning), two Fallohide brothers named Marcho and Blanco gained permission from the King of Arnor at Fornost to cross the River Brandywine and settle on the other side. Many Hobbits followed them, and most of the territory they had settled in the Third Age was abandoned. Only Bree and a few surrounding villages lasted to the end of the Third Age. The new land that they founded on the west bank of the Brandywine was called the Shire.

Originally the Hobbits of the Shire swore nominal allegiance to the last Kings of Arnor, being required only to acknowledge their lordship, speed their messengers, and keep the bridges and roads in repair. During the final fight against Angmar at the Battle of Fornost, the Hobbits maintain that they sent a company of archers to help but this is nowhere else recorded. After the battle, the kingdom of Arnor was destroyed, and in absence of the king, the Hobbits elected a Thain of the Shire from among their own chieftains.

The first Thain of the Shire was Bucca of the Marish, who founded the Oldbuck family. However, the Oldbuck family later crossed the Brandywine River to create the separate land of Buckland and the family name changed to the familiar "Brandybuck". Their patriarch then became Master of Buckland. With the departure of the Oldbucks/Brandybucks, a new family was selected to have its chieftains be Thain: the Took family (Pippin Took was son of the Thain and would later become Thain himself). The Thain was in charge of Shire Moot and Muster and the Hobbitry-in-Arms, but as the Hobbits of the Shire led entirely peaceful, uneventful lives the office of Thain was seen as something more of a formality.

The Hobbits' numbers dwindled, and their stature became progressively smaller after the Fourth Age. However, they are sometimes spoken of in the present tense, and the prologue "Concerning Hobbits" in The Lord of the Rings states that they have survived into Tolkien's day.

The Hobbit films are productions of New Line Cinema and MGM, with New Line managing production. Warner Bros. Pictures is handling worldwide theatrical distribution, with select international territories as well as all international television licensing, being handled by MGM. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit, and the names of the characters, events, items and places therein, are trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises under license to New Line Productions, Inc.

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