Environmental Pledge

Here at ASURE Accommodation, we work hard to support our beautiful country by undertaking practical sustainable actions. Many of these you will not see, but some you may notice – all make a difference to the environment we live in.  Here are some of practices our members have in place:

  1. Buy from local sources, which, both support employment in our community and reduces the distance our goods must travel to reach us.
  2. Work with suppliers that can provide our group with environmentally sustainability products. Some members have joined the Dream Green Initiative from Vendella, our provider of hospitality products. Some of our members also use Starline products, and proudly support Beyond Skin Deep recycling.
  3. Work with suppliers that can provide our group with environmentally sustainable products.
  4. Donate supplementary products and excess bedding and furniture.
  5. LED light bulbs are installed on our premises.
  6. Temperature controlled heating and cooling
  7. Energy-efficient timers are installed on our exterior road-sign.
  8. Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by separating it for recycling.
  9. Use only biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.
  10. Recycle and or repurpose product containers.
  11. Soap & hair wash dispensers installed in all bathrooms to minimize waste.
  12. Train our committed staff to consistently carry out our environmental practices.
  13. Our ASURE members are actively involved in our local community and provide sponsorship to many community groups.

We trust you are enjoying our country and hope you will help us reduce our impact on it by considering the following things:

- When not needed or when leaving a room, turn off lights or equipment such as heat pumps.

- Turns off taps tightly when not directly using water.

- Many of our properties offer recycling options. Please utilise the bins provided.

- Didymo and other aquatic pests could squeeze the life out of our country’s most precious rivers and lakes. You can help to protect your favourite waterways if you always Check, Clean, Dry any gear that comes into contact with the water, between every waterway, every time.

We appreciate your support in helping sustain our lovely country.